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3D Printing for Schools

Within conventional and the STEM curriculums, ensure your pupils are skilled with what is a rapidly growing technology.

The DfE have funded two projects exploring 3D printing in recent years, specifically how 3D printers can improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching. It's partly this focus which means primary schools now have access to a range of powerful systems which are supported by a global community of software and resource developers.

This powerful technology is now accessible, user-friendly and walk-up-and-use.

It's also available to schools at a surprisingly low cost.

As well as the STEM curriculum, it's easy to miss how a 3D printer can address conventional curriculum areas. Design and print a pyramid in around 20 minutes, and whilst doing so your pupils are exploring angles, ratios, fractions, measurements and more. They are also utilising the latest interactive technology, developing a programming, design and manufacturing mindset and then seeing and feeling their creation - even taking it home.

And a pyramid is of course the most basic of 3D shapes - with a range of materials, colours and configurations at their fingertips, the opportunities for embracing creativity are vast.

Then consider how 3D print technology is already revolutionising manufacturing. It's vital our children grow up with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use this as they grow into professionals.

Contact us now for more information, for a demonstration and to surprise yourself with how 3D printers are being integrated into day-to-day teaching in schools.

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