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“On the behalf of myself and colleagues we’re very excited to welcome Helene Podmore to the team, as Head of Education.

Her appointment reflects our commitment to being the best for our customers, and Helene’s background in education will support our focus on teaching and learning”, comments Chris Deeley, Managing Director at Elementary Technology.

“As a company we could employ more office telesales, build a faceless ecommerce website or spend money on blanket price-led marketing activities. We chose an alternative - to further invest in our knowledge, experience and expertise as a leader in our marketplace, and to focus on developing close, long-term relationships with our customers. I know we’ve made the right choice”.

Most recently Helene was employed as Head of Education at Steljes, a leading distributor of technology into education and powerful force for innovation. Her roots are however as an Assistant Head Teacher and a Local Authority Advisory Teacher for the City of York Council.

Her role there involved working across mainstream education as well as with children with complex learning and access needs, alongside a range of other services. It meant she learned first-hand the value a good education can bring to a child, particularly as part of a school with a sense of community and a focus on collaborative teaching and learning. It also became clear to her that using technology was a vital part of a broad and balanced education, as well as for securing life skills beyond a teaching environment.

This belief led her to shift her focus and start work as Head of Education at Steljes, a leader in distribution of education technology. Working directly with education-based brands such as SMART, Epson and Wordwall, Helene quickly developed the knowledge needed to work with a variety of establishments; nurseries, schools, academies, Academy Trusts, LAs, ICT support companies and more. From speaking at the ICT Directors’ Forum to troubleshooting touchscreens, engaging with pupils directly to presenting to strategic leaders in education, Helene has the knowledge and experience to support any scenario.

It means an educational establishment can speak with someone with both experience and expertise; Helene understands both the specific needs of education and has the knowledge and insight to advise schools procuring new technology.

Commenting on her appointment; “Having worked both as an end user in education and in distribution, I’m thrilled to be joining Elementary Technology; a reseller with a passion for both technology and teaching and learning. It means I can bring together my experience to provide the best service to our customers. Also, being independent of any manufacturer, it means I’ll have the knowledge and freedom to advise the best solution – no hidden agendas and no strings attached”.

Helene’s diary is filling up quickly, and she’d be delighted to meet or speak with anyone seeking to use technology to improve teaching and learning. 

Please contact her using the details below:

Tel: 07702 571017
Email: h.podmore@elementaryuk.com
Twitter: @helenepodmore  
LinkedIn: Helene Podmore Profile

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