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Classrooms are the key learning space in schools, where teaching and learning tools need to be at their most effective; not only as individual pieces of equipment, but in how they work together as more than the sum of their parts.

For example - a teacher can use an interactive touchscreen with a visualiser to present an object to their class in Full HD. Then ask a pupil to annotate on the object using their connected wireless tablet for all other pupils to see, before splitting the screen to compare their contribution with that of several others.

This small snapshot of classroom collaboration is an empowering concept which boosts engagement and improves results.

The questions remains then why we frequently encounter issues in classrooms. Issues which are usually easy to resolve yet which are causing difficulties for both teachers and learners. The following are key examples:

  • Poorly performing interactive whiteboards - interactivity may be faulty and calibration is poor
  • Dim, ageing classroom projectors with long-expired warranties
  • Incompatible technology, such as use of a 16:9 laptop with a 4:3 interactive classroom display
  • Health and safety issues - loose projector cabling, poorly installed ceiling projectors and worse
Schools exist among other things to ensure our children achieve academically, so surely anything which challenges this should be immediately addressed?
Outdated interactive whiteboards which need calibrating at the start of a lesson, connected to noisy projectors with 50% brightness which create shadowing that distracts from your teaching material - busy teachers with a crammed curriculum don't need this!

To be fair, resolving such issues is easier said that done, which is why Elementary Technology employ education technology experts throughout the UK to support you. Experts is those ranges shown in the illustration above, also outlined below for those readers using mobile devices.

Or if you prefer, you don't have to read this information! Just give us a call for advice, to request our free Classroom Healthcheck or to organise a demonstration at your school.

Please click the links below for more information about each range.

Interactive displays that let teachers deliver their lessons with collaborative activities, high resolution visuals and connect with other devices such as iPads.

Visualisers  that promote classroom inclusion by allowing "close-up" examination of real-world objects; let teachers record tasks and annotate displayed documents.

Projectors  - use the latest Ultra Short Throw (UST) to present large, impactful images without glare, shadows or reflective light cast across the screen

Voting systems  that deliver instant and personal feedback on quizzes, tests and related Q&A activities from every pupil in the classroom. Encourage pupil participation and self-paced learning.

Audio systems  allow for the teacher's voice to be projected evenly across classrooms: helping to improve pupil concentration and engagement, and keep the teacher in control.

Call 0844 357 5197 or submit an enquiry, to book a free classroom display health check and discover your perfect classroom solution.

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A Testimonial…

Elementary Technology were chosen to provide various audio visual systems to be installed into 2 new buildings as part of a re-location project of the Primary and Secondary departments of The Bridge School, a special school in the London Borough of Islington. This decision was based on competitive pricing plus the required level of project management.

With an order value of over £250k, 30 rooms received new equipment including height adjustable plasma and SMART flat panel displays in the classrooms, projectors & audio systems in the professional training rooms and 3 large screens & projector systems in the halls.

The project was delivered on time & on-budget, providing specialized learning solutions for children with SLD, PMLD & ASD. Telephone & on-site support was provided and Elementary Technology showed a good ability to work alongside a larger building project.

Sally Paveley, ICT Co-ordinator, The Bridge School, Islington

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