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Interactive Floor Projector

Promote hands-on, active learning, and engage your pupils like never before.

An innovative new digital learning tool for classroom environments, this advanced, mobile interactive projector helps teachers bring lessons to life while encouraging students to play, collaborate, share and engage. 

The system helps your pupils develop strong social and communication skills at an early age, and its integrated operating system means it's a plug-and-play learning solution. Whether game-based learning or more using more traditional curriculum-based content.

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Lampless laser technology 

The technology is a next generation projector offering numerous improvements over previous generations, at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Extreme long lifetime without compromising in brightness and colors. Eco-friendly and power saving. 

Preparing for the future 

By connecting information through active participation, the system brings interactive technology seamlessly into a child's learning, preparing them for ongoing use throughout their childhood and beyond.

Goes where you go!

The compact and mobile design is ideal for convenience and ease of storage. It is also based on wheels, meaning no heavy lifting and a one-person job to move between learning spaces.

Learning through play 

Interactive tools help students develop both cognitive and social skills while having fun! 

Have a seat

The padded cushion top gives teachers a comfortable place to sit and an overview of activity whilst still interacting with students, without having to sit on the floor.

This system is available in the UK exclusively through Elementary Technology. Please contact us for more information, pricing or for a demonstration at your school.

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