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Multi-Academy Trusts

This new era for education is bringing new demands on institutions. We have vast experience in helping schools address these.

And while academies are adapting to this culture of finance and procurement and efficiency, there are a range of benefits of working with Elementary Technology at a Trust level.

A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) will always be supported by a dedicated account manager who is an expert in education technology. One who will always provide training as standard with a purchase and will support an academy with a projector lamp, a power cable or a full interactive technology upgrade.

Some key areas to consider...

Collaborative Purchasing Savings

As an education technology reseller we already provide excellent value to schools, partly due to our Tier 1 pricing from all key manufacturers. This is amplified when supplying via an agreement with a Trust as opposed to an institution - regardless of whether your schools order single or multiple units at a time. 

It means managing procurement and asset management from a Trust level, rather than an institution level, will result in enormous collective savings.

Sharing of Best Practice

We visit hundreds of schools each month, often multiple schools from a single LEA or MAT. We are asked to supply different systems, provide different training plans and to do so to different schedules.

Schools within the same organisation lose out on collective training, sharing of resources, efficient asset and warranty management and more. From a top-down point of view, it makes for a disjointed collection of teaching and learning assets.

Efficiency and Reliability

Those MATs we work with are able to procure their audio-visual and interactive technologies much like a school does their stationery. They know they can trust their supplier, they understand what they are buying, they know how much it'll cost and they needn't spend time researching and fact finding.

They just get it done, they save time and money and they enjoy other benefits whilst doing so.

Trust Technology Exhibitions

The latest equipment from the leading manufacturers in a school hall at your Trust - we hold this kind of event several times each term at academies throughout the UK. It means all in the Trust can see and try the  latest equipment, speak directly with experts from the manufacturers and share experiences, ideas and cost savings.

Get started with us today…

One of our key missions is to be your partner in education technology, and the above are some of the key benefits you as a Multi-Academy Trust will see when you do so.

Speak to us about our success stories with MATs and academy clusters throughout the UK and to hear more about how we can help you save money, streamline asset management and improve teaching and learning.

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