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School Audio Alert System

A versatile audio and lockdown alert system, ensuring compliance with latest safeguarding guidelines

Safer Schools Forums throughout the UK state that the signal for school invacuation should be distinguishable to that of an evacuation. If a generic sound is played in a lockdown, how do those on site know how to stay safe?

Furthermore, the NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) states that ‘Use of fire alarms should be avoided to reduce incorrect response to an incident.'

Our bespoke Audio Alert systems provide schools with peace of mind in this respect, whilst also being powerful internal communication tools.

How your school can use this technology:

  • Differentiate invacuation and evacuation alerts
  • Talk to your site with PA/tannoy system
  • Announce session change, lunch break...
  • Customisable alerts to suit your school
  • Comply with Counter-Terrorism Guidelines

So how about playing calming music throughout school in the morning? Record your own musical wet-play announcement? Or using the PA to inform during a parents’ evening?

These systems are designed bespoke to your requirements, and you’re supported and advised throughout the process by our product specialist.

For more information about complying with DfE and OFSTED lockdown procedures, or for a demonstration of this technology, click to contact us  or call 0844 357 5197.

In the meantime, click here  to see how a large primary school is Walsall benefits from this technology.

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