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Shared learning spaces

Every learning space can be enhanced with audio visual solutions

How can you continue to inspire children beyond the classroom? How can you equip your shared learning spaces such as libraries, ICT suites and drama studios to spark more thirst for knowledge and encourage creativity? These learning spaces are often under-serviced with poor or non-existent audio visual (AV) solutions, and don't contribute to a child's overall learning experience.

Elementary have successfully enhanced the potential of many institutions' shared learning spaces. We offer more than mere upgrades and replacements; we can tailor a complete solution for your libraries, ICT suites and drama studios. Our AV solutions for shared learning spaces mainly feature, but are not limited to:

Interactive displays – Let students work, learn and play together; allow learning by curiosity to take place, without classroom pressure; provide energy-efficient, high quality screens to aid retention and make a stronger impact on young people's ever-learning minds.

Interactive tables – Encourage participation between multiple students with interactive, cross-curricular content in fun learning activities. Tables are ideal for special education needs (SEN) students with, for example, wheel-chair access requirements.

Digital Signage – Communicate memorable and eye-catching material specific to a shared learning space; promote good behaviour in break-out areas outside of the classroom and offer specific guidelines on using interactive technologies amongst students' peers.

For libraries

Make tiresome activities of research and sharing of knowledge fun! Our AV solutions enhance libraries for pupils, visitors and provide valuable tools for library staff. For example, featuring digital signage can allow library administrators to display important news specific to the library facilities, or promote books and popular subjects of interest.

For ICT suites

Integrate interactive tables and interactive displays in a room of networked computers to share learning resources. Present media, software code and online learning resources on large, HD display screens. You can even get students to write software programs to use on interactive tables and displays for an IT project.

For drama studios

Give greater freedom in producing artistic and creative media, with wireless, portable and 'stowaway' AV solutions. Allow teachers to present interesting films or documentaries. Motivate students to record fashion shows and other media productions, to present on interactive displays. After use, move displays away to a safe corner, to free up more space for theatrical activities.

We provide an unbiased audit and learning assessment, and offer bespoke solutions to make your shared learning spaces as valuable as your classrooms. Our AV solutions are installed hassle-free installation, and provide practical training so you can let students get on with fun, collaborative and creative learning.  

To find out how to make the most of your shared learning spaces, call 0844 357 5197 or submit an enquiry.

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