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Consider how often a teacher asks their class to 'listen'...

We all understand that audio plays a vital role in a conventional teaching and learning environment. So why is it that an effective audio solution is usually treated as a low priority in a school’s equipment purchasing decisions?

Consider a teacher speaking loudly to ensure those at back of the classroom hears clearly. Vocal strain becomes an issue, and those at the front of the class are being shouted at each day! The key is to create a balanced, even, controlled audio experience.

Elementary Technology treat school audio as we do all other education technology; as a vital part of the mix. Ask us about the following as some of our range:

Soundfield systems

Audibility decreases dramatically as the distance from the speaker increases, and therefore whether due to this distance, hearing difficulties, poor room acoustics or if English a second language, there is a growing risk that pupils are missing out on your teaching.

A range of systems are available to address these challenges and others. We and our partners have experience with virtually any school audio scenario.

Portable PA systems

For school sports days, break times, school plays and more, a good portable PA system producing good quality sound at high volumes is as handy as it is effective. Contact us to hear about our full range.

Hall audio systems

From the microphone to the furniture to an outstanding quality surround sound speaker system, all elements of school hall audio can be supplied and installed by Elementary Technology. View a recent example of effective audio integration at a high school's hall.

Standard Classroom speaker systems

A large proportion of interactive displays either do not integrate audio systems, or else contain their speakers behind the screen. This of course is directly preventing the distribution of sound.

Therefore a soundbar or in larger areas, a surround sound audio system, is always an effective remedy. Ensure audio teaching resources are heard by all pupils, and avod muffled inferior sound in your classroom.


After an audit of the area’s acoustics and activity requirements, we assess the power, projection and positioning of audio devices. We advise how to best integrate these together, any other systems you may benefit from, and then provide fully project managed installation, hands-on training and ongoing support.

We’re here to make sure your messages are heard - loud and clear!

Call 0844 357 5197 or submit an enquiry using the form on this page.

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