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Our detailed Classroom Healthcheck

We'll show you how the performance of your display technology is affecting teaching and learning.

  • Our own iPad app records up to 25 metrics per classroom, and allocates each with a traffic-light rating according to its performance 
  • Ideal to contribute to your ICT Development Plan, and to help plan upgrades over the next 3 years
  • It also provides details on training needs, use of software and recommendations on improvement
  • A perfect data and photographic record - including a presentation for you to clarify and discuss

It's vital that the performance of your education technology is second to none - disruption to your teaching through poor performance is not an option!

How does the Classroom Healthcheck work?

We'll visit your school to conduct a thorough audit using our exclusive Classroom Healthcheck iPad Application, before presenting you with a free, detailed hard copy report worth £299.

It includes a full page of details per classroom, alongside a summary of each teaching space and photography to show objectively how the technology is performing. It will also provide advice and ideas on how you can use display equipment to improve teaching and learning.

Based on your budgets, requirements and ICT plans, it'll then outline the developments available - to help improve your systems, to reduce ongoing costs, to make your systems more manageable and ultimately, to help improve learning outcomes.

So, take control of your classroom display technology - primary schools can take advantage of health check service free of charge. 

Request a Classroom Healthcheck for your school by calling 0844 357 5197 or simply complete the form on this page.

A Testimonial…

The Classroom Healthcheck is a superb service which provided an outstanding overview of how our classroom display equipment is affecting our teaching and learning – something which even our ICT Support wouldn’t have the expertise to create.

Shirley Ann Tootell, Headteacher, St Elisabeth's CE Primary School


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