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ICT Support organisations and MSPs can be our greatest ally; sharing our specialist expertise so you can add value to your services, and working in partnership to ensure best outcomes for your client schools.

It's a partnership that works, reducing your workload away from the complexities of audio-visual whilst working with a partner who then delivers expert training and CPD on the technology - to your team of IT technicians and also to the teaching staff at your schools.

Here's a snapshot of how we work together...


We'll add depth to your IT audit services with our Classroom Healthcheck®. The details behind the hardware, the software and the teacher experience of audio-visual and safeguarding technology, including how it integrates with your core responsibilities; devices, cloud services and IT infrastructure.

We'll then work with you to balance priorities, budgets and workload for you and your client schools.


We have independent expertise, buying power and the ear of the big brands. We also have our world-class Experience Centre.

All this means we'll help you to help your schools make fully-informed buying decisions, whilst ensuring you're ready to manage and maintain them when they arrive. Say goodbye to siloed decision making - make the right choices from day one.


Procurement in partnership with an MSP is flexible, there to suit how your organisation operates and your relationship with your schools.

Standard practice is for us to work together, whilst supplying and invoicing your schools directly. We then pass back a service/management fee to your organisation.

Our priority is seamlessly blending with your structure and services, and providing best support to your schools.


We are completely committed to providing long-term training to everyone in education - including to ICT support teams where it helps with oversight and management.

Speak to us about training workshops for your team in our Experience Centre - whether about the technology, how it works and how to manage it, or to provide insights with how it's used for teaching and learning.

Also ask us about using our Academy training services to add value to what you provide for your schools.


Find out how we can help you use technology to deliver better education

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