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Elementary Technology's Experience Centre. A place where classroom technology is demonstrated to schools.

The latest education technology is a powerful tool for independent schools, empowering your pupils to flourish and providing you with another compelling, competitive edge.

Technology brings a superb opportunity to expand minds whilst focusing on learning. Game-based learning, STEAM activities, streamlined assessment and comms with like-minded learners around the globe.

Showcase your school as a technology and learning hub, the place-to-be for a world-class education.


Understand where your school is now with technology with our Classroom Healthcheck®.

Enable evidence-informed decisions which showcase your school's commitment to excellence.

We'll also help make sure technology supports your sustainability and carbon-reduction plans.


Technology is fast-moving and complex and it's essential your independent school stands out as a beacon of success.

No matter your role or expertise, we'll help you make the right, fully-informed choices with confidence.

Ask us about our world-class Experience Centre - understanding your options, before you choose.


After years of experience, we understand the unique procurement considerations of the independent sector.

We'll also provide pre-sales consultancy, project-managed installations and a range of recycling and sustainability services.

Always delivered with setup and onboarding for SLTs, teachers, IT and Estates teams.


The technology arriving is the end of the beginning. It's after this that the magic happens, and we're here to make sure it does.

Overseen by our Head of Education & Training, our CPD services are built for busy schools, including bespoke EdTech CPD Programmes for the independent sector.

Delivered in school, live online, in our Experience Centre or self-paced via our Academy portal.


Find out how we can help you use technology to deliver better education

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