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A conference room with two interactive touchscreens on the wall.

Conference spaces, or meeting rooms, can be a hub of productivity for schools and Trusts. Communication, sharing, collaborating and building relationships - a good conference and meeting space makes all this possible.

Conversely, when it comes to a Governor's or Trust meeting for example, poor technology infrastructure can hold the above value back.

The scenario when a colleague needs to join in from remotely, so someone at school rests their laptop on some textbooks and aims their webcam at the table, with those at back straining their voices to be heard, is a common one.

We offer a suite of solutions for all manner of meetings and conference spaces. We'll help you build your own solution based on how you'd like to use your space, be it basic meetings and screen sharing or more ambitious (yet surprisingly affordable) hybrid presentations and conferences.

Two teachers learning how to use software for teaching.

Internal Meetings

Large, crystal clear, interactive visuals in a professional, prestigious environment on up to a 110" touchscreen.

Also seamless to set up for guests who bring their own device.

Take your meetings to the next level with a bespoke meeting room solution, no matter the size of your space.

A group of people using Elementary Technology's experience centre to learn about classroom technology.

Hybrid meetings

Move on from poor visibility of the space and patchy sound when speaking to remote attendees.

Build a seamless experience - magnificent audio using cutting-edge technology captures all voices with equal clarity throughout your whole space, whilst eliminating background noise.

Crisp, clear, camera technology enhances the remote attendee experience encouraging full interaction as if they're in the space.

Presenting to remote audiences

Deliver workshops, presentations and conferences from your conference hub to multiple sites throughout your network or Trust.

Whether it's training sessions, workshops or a 'state of the nation' presentation from the CEO, your remote audio see and hear what you're saying in immaculate clarity.

And you see them whilst doing so, using our repeater screen setup.

Two teachers learning how to use classroom technology.

Conversation and collaboration

Human connection matters - and these experiences and relationships can be built remotely via seamless conferencing technology.

A whole class can speak with another in a different school or even country, or a guest speaker, children's author or specialist teacher can host a Q&A with eager and inquisitive young people.


Want a full demo of how our conference room technology can enhance your meetings? Get in touch today.

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