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Our Classroom Healthcheck® is a unique service to schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts.

We visit your school, understand each and every space, and paint a detailed picture of your school or Trust’s readiness to excel using technology.

We do so by assigning a traffic-light rating to each space including classrooms, school halls and general technology infrastructure. If you're at a Trust, we aggregate this data up to academy and Trust level.

We then make recommendations on how to make better use of what you already have, what you should consider upgrading, and when this should take place.

Only with this data should your school make long-term procurement decisions.

Let's start with why...

A woman using the included pen to annotate on Promethean's ActivPanel 9 Premium


Every school has a unique technology profile - brands, models, warranties, performance, platforms, devices and training needs.

This should be fully understood before decisions are made.

Before we start your journey, we need to know where you are now! This gives us a jumping off point to tailor your tech to you.

A laptop displaying an example of Elementary Technology's Classroom Healthcheck.

Evidence and Data

Some teachers are more vocal with challenges and technology snagging. Others less so.

Some IT teams have set up remote management for classroom touchscreens. Others are yet to.

Some pupils use devices for live assessment feeds from the teacher. Other teachers mark manually.

Some MAT IT leads can't make time to understand each space and each device in their remit.

Our Classroom Healthcheck® - full of evidence and data - helps you understand all of this and more.

A group of teachers taking part in a Training session

Digital Strategy

Understanding the evidence and data about where your school is now with technology informs your digital strategy for the next 3-5 years.

What do I need to do to achieve my objectives?

This could around teacher workload, sustainability and energy use, inclusion of SEND pupils, EYFS, closing a skills gap - Classroom Healthcheck® data helps you design an informed strategy.

Man and woman looking at the SMART MX in Experience Centre


Using your Classroom Healthcheck® to build an action plan, you'll quickly see improvement.

Making more of what you have - perhaps through training, optimising your software licence or understanding the full potential of what you have.

Making low cost, high impact improvements - perhaps using screen sharing technology for Governors' meetings or visualisers for teaching.

And quickly seeing the green shoots of well-planned, long-term improvement and impact.

Student using Lumio on a SMART GX


"The rich data I have across our whole Trust means I can plan my procurement with complete confidence that I'm making the right choices.

Seeing photos and data of every classroom - many of which I haven't yet visited - changes the game.

It helps me sort facts from perceptions and justify expenditure, and the Classroom Healthcheck® data dashboard is a sight to behold!"


Take control of your school's technology - ask us for your detailed Classroom Healthcheck®

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