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A Snapshot of what we do

Our values guide the direction and actions we take as a company - we do what we do because we care and because we believe it is the best for our customers.

Good values aren't just a shiny exterior; they drive us forward with purpose and integrity.

As a customer, we know you want to work with a company that has a positive moral standing and one that aligns well with your culture and ethos. You're not just purchasing a product or service; you're joining forces with a team committed to making education better for all.

Our Values

A man and a woman looking at a laptop screen that shows Promethean's Remote Management solution for their touchscreens.

On your side

Understanding the worlds of each of our customers and working with you accordingly, we want to put your unique needs as a school or trust above anything else.

Going the extra mile to support colleagues, for their good and the greater good of your school community.

A teacher using an interactive whiteboard with their pupils.

Forever Learning

Understanding who we are, what we supply and how to help the development of education is vital for giving you the best service possible.

Having the knowledge and skills to be outstanding at what we do means we can ensure you receive what you need.

Two men employed by Elementary Technology. They are jokingly dancing.

Enjoying what we do

We are always ensuring our team enjoys working at Elementary Technology, internal wellbeing always comes first to guarantee great service.

We're always working hard to make sure our customers enjoy working with us because we enjoy working with them.

A man setting up an interactive touchscreen in a classroom.

Improvement as Standard

Every day we work hard to guarantee that we are better than the day before. Improving faster and further than our competitors.

We aim above your expectations and then go further in everything we do.