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A classroom door that has been barricaded due to an emergency school lockdown.

Making schools a safer place

A school is seen as a safe place for pupils and staff and in the UK there are a number of measures that ensure this is the case. In the modern day however, this can’t always be the case. A trend that can be seen over the entire world.

To secure this sense of safety, new measures need to be taken to prepare for threats. This could involve CCTV, establishing a safety zone or introducing instant communication methods across the entire school. There's an endless number of things you can do for a schools safety.

Welcome to LOCAS

A common reaction to threats in a school would be to evacuate to a safe place. But what if the issue is outside the school? Then a lockdown needs to take place, or in some cases, an invacuation. How do you alert an entire school to the difference though? The DfE recommends a set of different alert sounds for different scenarios so as not to create confusion in an emergency. So if that's the problem, LOCAS is the answer.

LOCAS (or lockdown alert system,) is a fully wireless alert system with a library of sounds that can be easily distinguished from each other, allowing you to set dedicated sounds for each alert. When there is an active threat outside the school then it would be a disaster to evacuate the premises. So activating the fire alarm or something that sounds similar to it is the last thing you want to do.

An alarm and button for a school lockdown system called LOCAS.


LOCAS is a lockdown and invacuation alert system that has been specifically designed with schools in mind to prevent mishaps from subpar communication.

Capable of being activated schoolwide from any of its terminals, LOCAS will ensure that the whole student body and the staff are instantly aware of any threats and being able to implement countermeasures.

An empty school hall during a school lockdown.

School-wide connection

A lockdown alert system is fully capable of spanning any school and offering an instant alert at the push of any of its emergency buttons. Each transmitter can communicate to another from 1km away with up to 64 units being able to connect with each other and instantly responding.

These transmitters can be placed both indoors and outdoors and are easy to mount with the option for a completely wireless setup. Your school lockdown system will be heard across your entire campus, no matter how large.

An empty school hall during a school lockdown.

Clarity and Alertness

Invacuation and Lockdown alerts have to be unique and clear in their purpose. They also have to do this without putting anyone in danger so it can’t be a manual alert from a member of staff that would draw the attention of any potential threat. Setting a specific alarm sound with a pre recorded announcement that can be configured to exactly what you need is the best way to increase safety.

By training your staff on what needs to be done in these situations, you can clearly alert the school to an issue and ensure that everyone follows proper procedure.

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Find out more about our LOCAS System and how it will protect your community

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View a brief overview of our LOCAS System along with all hardware specifications.


Find out how our LOCAS System can help protect your community.

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