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A woman using an interactive touchscreen for teaching.

Even in this era of pupil touch screens in the classroom, your classroom displays are the hub of learning. It's the teacher's main tool to spark the magic in your school. This technology, when used by well-trained teachers, transforms the dynamic of a teaching environment.

See pupils' eyes light up during an interactive assessment on fronted adverbials. At the same time, enjoy lessons that avoid photocopied worksheets, are adapted to individual pupils' ability and avoids lunchtime or evening marking by allowing for live checks on whether a student is comprehending a subject.

Enable IT teams to manage classrooms remotely; install apps, upgrade firmware and assign automated switch-off times to reduce energy consumption all from a central hub. Saving time and costs from calling out IT to help with issues when they're able to monitor any issues themselves and even amend some from their own device.

Engage with remote teachers and educational speakers; a specialist MFL teacher can present to your whole school, or an inspiring children's author can join your lesson, presenting to the classrooms and using the inbuilt mic/speaker array to engage in conversation and discussion.

We're here to help your schools achieve all this and more, as the leading independent specialist of this technology for education.

Four teachers using an interactive touchscreen.
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We'll help you understand where you are now with your classroom display - what works, what's holding you back from excellence, how you can make more of what you have and what your next steps could be.

A woman using the included pen to annotate on Promethean's ActivPanel 9 Premium
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We are independent from and agnostic towards classroom display brands - helping you understand which options are available, how they're different and which display is the best fit for your school. Whether that be SMART, Viewsonic, Promethean, iiyama, BenQ or any other brand. We tend to asses your options with the 'Good, Better, Best' range that many vendors now provide.

It's essential you make a fully-informed choice, with complete confidence. We want to help you with that.

A man setting up an interactive touchscreen in a classroom.
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We've supplied and installed nearly 20,000 classroom displays in schools - we get it! Logistics, communication, deliveries, installation, set up and testing - all with the success of your school as our priority.

As an approved supplier to Department for Education frameworks such as Everything ICT, we can supply with an extra safety net of public-sector compliance - using capital funds or a lease.

Two young pupils drawing on an interactive touchscreen.


This is where the teacher gets started, and we're still here to help - we start by working together with your IT team on the robust setup and implementation of all hardware and software.

Speak to us about our Elementary Technology Academy - a hybrid of live online training and showcases, self-paced CPD videos for busy teachers, and regular workshops in your school or our Experience Centre. We use these tools to give you the skills needed for maximum engagement in the classroom with your classroom display.

The need for high digital standards for education

Schools have largely moved away from whiteboards and projectors for the benefit of pupil visibility as shown in the example below and why wouldn't you? Maintenance, management, specification and whole-life-cost are also huge factors when deciding to move away from this technology. Interactive classroom displays are an improvement on the other options, not even considering the infinite possibilities in actually using the displays features on top of that.

If you still have classrooms with ageing interactive whiteboard technology reminiscent of the early 2000's, you can speak to us about effective ways of bringing these classrooms up to date, starting with our Classroom Healthcheck.

A comparison of two scenes. On the left, a projector is displaying a very dim image onto a board and everyone is watching and copying work into books. On the right scene, a bright display is being used by the pupils to engage with the work.

The new standard solution for effective teaching, learning and IT management is the classroom display; a Wi-Fi connected 4K resolution panel with robust 4mm toughened-glass, an education warranty and software that's been developed to meet the demands of the modern curriculum while also making use of the interactive features for engagement and interest.

Our blog highlights why it's essential schools have this high minimum standard of hardware in the classroom.

Education software and training - the power behind the hardware

The latest education software changes the game for teaching and learning, and we encourage anyone in education to have a short demonstration of what it can do.

Along with your classroom technology improvements, new software helps you reduce workload, adapt the learning goals of each pupil to their ability and it's very helpful with SEND programmes that rely on engagement features. Encouraging pupil involvement and improving outcomes is what we aim to achieve.

We supply and support hundreds of schools with EdTech software like Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft for Education, SMART Notebook and Lumio, Promethean, ViewSonic ClassSwift and so many more.

Sustainability and Energy Consumption

The latest classroom display technology brings huge energy consumption savings, as much as 50% lower than both early models of interactive displays and interactive whiteboards with projectors.

This reduces costs, minimises carbon footprint and improves your sustainability credentials as a school or Trust. As part of our service for larger projects, we'll even calculate the energy and cost savings versus the proposed upgrade. Helping you to make informed decisions about your EdTech upgrades.


Find out how your touchscreen becomes your classroom's interactive hub

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