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Research and experience tells us that teachers do not receive the training they need to make the most of their technology, meaning schools and pupils are not getting the best value.

This is due to the time it takes, the availability of relevant content, low allocation in budgets and also schools perceiving it is not required.

Furthermore, IT teams are often left to fend for themselves with set up, snagging and device support and management.

At Elementary Technology, we have changed the game. We're the only specialist provider to plan, supply and install the technology, and then provide robust, ongoing training and CPD in a way which is tailored to the user.

The Elementary Technology Academy is our training provision, led by our Head of Education & Training who has spent over twenty years in a variety of roles in education; at an LA sharing expertise on technology in the 2000s, as a teacher and Early Years lead and in school leadership at a large MAT.

The result is a comprehensive training provision for everyone in education, born through experience, passion and expertise.

A woman using an interactive touchscreen for teaching.

Content tailored to your teachers and IT teams

Whether you're a large secondary school with 1-to-1 pupil devices using SMART Boards, a small primary school using Promethean ActivPanels or a Trust using a mix throughout, we have something for everyone.

As well as providing a clear 3 month onboarding plan for new users, we can also curate a 'curriculum' for your staff as part of a longer-term Training Framework.

Two teachers learning how to use classroom technology.

Delivery tailored to your schedules and school

The two most precious commodities in schools are time and budget. We're here to support you with both - affordable training, how you want it and when you want it.

Speak to us about our Academy - live online workshops, quick access videos on our portal and tailored CPD schemes. We also offer in person training at your school or in our Experience Centre.

Two teachers learning how to use software for teaching.

CPD to Train, Explain and Inspire

EdTech is everywhere in your school - and new innovations are arriving all the time.

Which is why we'll share training not only on what we've supplied, but a range of other areas that you'll need to keep up with current educational technology.

AI for education, SEND, cybersecurity, Esports. as well as thought-leader commentary, explainer sessions, roundtable Q&As and more.

A group of teachers being trained on how to use technology.

Bespoke CPD Plans for MATs

We can work with you at Trust level to curate a recipe of content and delivery tailored to where you are now and what your plans are.

We'll also help you find an EdTech Hero® in each of your academies to improve technological adoption at local level.

Receive training on any combination of hardware or software, in any combination of pre-recorded self-paced, live online, in your academies or at our Experience Centre.


Find out how the Elementary Technology Academy can empower your staff

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