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Digital Signage is a powerful tool to improve the environment of a modern school. It's also used for school management and improving the efficiency of onsite communication.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage uses a display screen to show notices and school related graphics and messaging like special announcements or just for school related imagery. Good signage systems have bright vibrant colours on an anti-glare screen to allow your content to stand out and be easy to read from multiple angles.

Increasingly, we're also supplying outdoor digital signage for schools - weatherproof, permanent fixtures in a playground or outdoor entrance area.

How can digital signage be used in my school?

Use them to reinforce school values, celebrate achievement and pass on important information - whether relevant in the moment such as a lunch menu, or more generic such as a staff list or timetable, video content can also be displayed increasing your content diversity for your requirements.

Keeping your school in the loop is a necessity. Spreading word via email, word of mouth or waiting for an assembly can be too inefficient. So having a way to instantly broadcast the message with everyone able to see it would be perfect. Reinforcing the idea that these screens are the place to go for internal news only increases their value for your school over time.

How is my digital signage managed?

You can control a schools screens through a central management system, such as NowSignage, listing all your screens in one place. This allows you to change your content on all devices at the same time, or show different content on a selection of screens as required. Maybe changing from a morning notice list to a reminder of next day's events.

You can push out an instant important message such as safeguarding issue or a school lockdown/fire alarm instructions. This use case of digital signage can go a long way to reassuring students in the case of an emergency and push people the right way for safety.

Also, if your school has interactive touch screens or displays in the classrooms, digital signage software can be activated on current screens. The class teacher can display notices with a couple of clicks or messaging can be pushed out from a central console.

Why work with Elementary Technology for Digital Signage?

We are a leading independent supplier of digital signage into schools, taking care of all elements of specifying, hardware and software installation, setting up of management licences and also user training.


Find out how digital signage can be used for effective communication and tranform the look of community areas

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