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Elementary Technology's Experience Centre. A place where classroom technology is demonstrated to schools.

Multi-Academy Trusts are vast organisations with a growing list of accountabilities. And whilst this is true, technology is permeating throughout. At Trust level, down to each academy, each classroom, teacher, IT technician, business manager and pupil.

We're here to help everyone in a Trust with technology, guided by our Planning, Choosing, Buying, Using roadmap. Indeed, we already do so with over 100 Trusts, working as their co-pilot to long-term success with technology.

Here's how...


Starting with our Classroom Healthcheck® service, we'll help you understand where you are now with technology - granular detail, all aggregated up to Trust level.

We'll then agree a strategic, costed plan for improvement. Based on evidence, making more of what you already have and the pursuit of equity and excellence as standard. Always supported by a bespoke plan for technology CPD for everyone.

We'll also sync your technology into your sustainability and carbon-reduction plans.


Education technology is fragmented. Hardware, software, suppliers, brands, compatibility, suitability and more.

Trusts, and all stakeholders within them, need accurate information to make fully-informed choices.

As a leading, independent supplier we're here to help, ensuring you have all you need to make long-term decisions with confidence.

Ask us about demonstrations, workshops, free trials and scoping sessions - live online, in your school, or in our Experience Centre.


Buying is more than a mere transaction. Buying is the transition into your Trust, including professional support, exemplary communication, compliant procurement and technology leasing opportunities.

It's also where we work with you to plan logistics, manage installations and provide setup, testing and onboarding services.

It's where the magic starts and transformation starts to happen. We're here to make sure it does.


The Using stage; helping teachers, leaders and IT teams understand why and how the technology should be used in full.

Ask us about bespoke Trust training and CPD frameworks, bringing all users up to a high, equitable, minimum standard. Delivered via our Elementary Technology Academy, in our Experience Centre, live online or in your schools.

We'll help you ensure success happens, and help you track it to evidence impact.


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