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Two teachers learning how to use classroom technology.

A visualiser is the best tool available for showing work and items to the class on your classroom display. Use it to share ideas, text, images, and objects with your classroom while you interact with it. An achievement that a model PowerPoint on the projector just can't compare to.

  • View smaller objects close up using a high-quality zoom, giving equal visibility to all pupils and avoiding crowding or passing around.
  • Record demonstrations; capture methodologies for playback on demand, keeping them for later lessons and out of class revision.
  • Use features such as annotation to label key areas of an object, or show spelling, punctuation and grammar corrections.
  • Use the split-screen and freeze features to show before and after, correct and incorrect or to highlight differences between two examples.

Elementary Technology is the largest supplier of visualisers and document cameras into UK schools – from entry-level to high specification, across all brands, we have you covered. It's a part of our service to not only provide you with the technology you need, but to help you understand why it's the technology you'll need and how to use it effectively.

If you don't want to be tied to your desk when using the visualiser, you can also speak to us about wireless options - light weight and portable, allowing you to easily move around the classroom to highlight a student's work to the whole class. This is a great way to encourage best practices among students as peers and allows them to criticise each others work.

The best place to start is a demonstration in our renowned experience centre, or if you already know what you'd like, simply call our team of experts at our office or complete the contact form below.


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