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What can a visualiser do for your classroom?

A visualiser in your classroom can give a school flexibility in their teaching methods and can be used in almost every lesson, they're only limited by your own imagination. Teachers can use them to show live experiments and projects made by students, annotate work with comments, provide explanations, and encourage discussion in the class. The ability to switch between different types of content makes a perfect tool for educators.

What is a visualiser suitable for?

Another significant advantage of bringing a visualiser into your teaching is its suitability for different learning styles and abilities in the classroom. Learners who benefit from seeing information presented visually, can gain a deeper understanding of the material than they usually would with just a verbal explanation.

At the same time, auditory learners can listen to the teacher's explanations, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to learn in a way that suits them best. Students in SEND situations or who find regular teaching methods hard to follow can get a lot from the interactive elements of a document camera, making learning more accessible.

Using a visualiser in lessons not only makes teaching easier, but it also makes the learning more interesting for students. By integrating presentations and interactive activities into their lessons, teachers can create a more engaging learning environment.

Choosing the right visualiser for you

Elementary Technology is the largest supplier of visualisers and document cameras into UK schools – from entry-level to high specification, across all brands, we have you covered. It's a part of our service to not only provide you with the technology you need, but to help you understand why and how to use it effectively.

If you don't want to be tied to your desk when using the visualiser, you can also speak to us about wireless options - light weight and portable, allowing you to easily move around the classroom to highlight a student's work to the whole class. This is a great way to encourage best practices among students as peers and allows them to criticise each others work.

The best place to start when purchasing new educational technology is a demonstration in our renowned experience centre. Or, if you already know what you'd like, simply call our team of experts or complete the contact form below.


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