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Join over 5,000 schools throughout the UK, all of which use the InVentry sign-in safeguarding system as a fully-integrated part of their school management. And although it appears to be just an accurate sign-in touchscreen, there is an enormous amount more to it than meets the eye. Not to mention that it’s important that we move on from the unreliable paper based visitor book.

Elementary Technology is an InVentry Premier Partner. We support hundreds of schools to use InVentry to stay safe, efficient, compliant and ready for Ofsted.

How InVentry supports you and the management of your school...

Pupil Management:

Geared around keeping every child safe and secure, with MIS synchronisation, automated pupil late logging, pupil attendance tracking, group management for school trips and lots more.

Staff Management:

Who is on-site and when did they arrive? Contractor timesheets, DBS tracking, cross-compatible ID scanning, meeting management, facial recognition – it’s all integrated into InVentry.

Visitor Management:

Who are my visitors? When are they on-site? Are they DBS checked? Who are they meeting? What do they look like? Have they been before? These questions and lots more are all recorded real-time for immediate access.


Accounting for everyone following an evacuation is critical. Confusion in the assembly areas can lead to delays in rescuing anyone trapped in the building, or unnecessary search-and-rescue operations. The InVentry Evac tool ensures a successful evacuation – every time.

DBS Checker:

For most staff and visitors in a school, an enhanced DBS check with barred list information is mandatory, as many of these people are engaging in regulated activity. By using InVentry for your DBS checks you can ensure the safeguarding of all your students and immediately comply with Ofsted requirements.

Events, Clubs and Groups:

Pre-book events such as Governors’ meetings and parents’ evening, manage after and pre-school clubs and also support bulk management of school trips.

Multi-Academy Trust Module:

Enable communication between InVentry systems to share data, information and resources in real-time

MIS Compatibility:

True read and write-back integration with 15+ leading MIS providers
It is important to remember however that InVentry Sign-in Safeguarding system is not just for the school, it belongs at the entrance of any school or business. With the easy-to-use InVentry anywhere app, available on your mobile device, you can trigger evacuations, sign-in based on location, see who is already signed in and more!


Find out how a sign-in and safeguarding system can help protect your community

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