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Three young pupils using an interactive table for early years and foundation stage learning.

Including Interactive touch tables in your nursery or early years setting helps children embrace what is now second nature to most of them; learning key subjects and accessing content through interactive technology.

Many children have full access to the latest technology from a very early age at home. Making sure this access is also available while they are actively learning is more important than ever.

Elementary Technology recommend a superb interactive touch table solution, built for early years. A 32″ touchscreen made of 5mm toughened glass, housed in a robust, hard wearing colourful plastic casing that even the most curious class of children would have a hard time taking apart. You can rest assured that the table will be long lasting.

Using the table for game-based learning in individual children, or for groups of up to four playing competitive and curriculum-based games can foster bond building between the children while also sharpening their minds for skills like coordination, communication and reflexes.

You can also connect your digital learning table to a wireless visualiser. This allows you to show things like a reading book with the teacher's finger pointing at each word as they read. This lets more children be involved with the process without everyone having to gather around the one book and not be able to read along.

Or move the table onto its side so children can sit in front of it for CBeebies, YouTube or other video content curated by you.

Yellow Door software for EYFS

Yellow Door is a suite of 25 apps built to capture the whole EYFS curriculum, developed to help children achieve their early learning goals. Children are guided by hints and feedback while challenges and rewards motivate ongoing learning.

A Yellow Door licence is provided with every interactive table, which provides access to four categories of apps:

  • Traditional Tales Series
  • Early Literacy & Listening
  • Early Phonics & Writing
  • Early Numbers and Coding

Whether independent learning or collaborating in groups using multitouch technology, engage children in learning through play with Yellow Door.


Engage the youngest students in your school with fun technology

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