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A group of teachers being shown how to use an interactive  touchscreen in the experience centre.

We're incredibly proud of the work we do. Ensuring we do a great job for all our customers is paramount.

But you don't have to take our word for it. You can see a number of our customer's journeys on the 'Success Stories' page or within our 'Insights'.

You can also read a number of testimonials below. These are taken directly from EdTech Impact.

You may have heard of EdTech Impact - but if you haven't - it's an independent platform where schools review their experiences of technology and suppliers, allowing others to see real-life experience.

This will give schools an independent point of reference about us, and hopefully raise standards among suppliers into education.

What people have said

The devices we have purchased from Elementary Technology have transformed our classroom practice, and the training and support has allowed all staff to have the tools to enhance their teaching and learning.

They have a clear understanding of the needs of a classroom and school environment. From the hardware they offer to the support in where and how it should be installed, it's clear they have a great understanding of the ever busy, ever evolving school environment.

Every member of Elementary Technology’s team is friendly, welcoming and professional. From pre-sales meetings through invoicing, arranging delivery, installation and post-install training, the team works hard to maintain a professional image. You can tell that their staff enjoy working for the company and this translates into a high quality, professional service.

They are proactive and always one step ahead when it comes to technology and what will work well or needs changing within our school environment. Their friendly, professional advise make Elementary Technology stand out as our go to provider.

Some I have tried to purchase from in the past try to sell you the highest ticket items without fully understanding your needs. Elementary Technology are the total opposite. They make sure they give you a range of different options that are right for your purpose and also for your budget.

From beginning to end communication and clarity of product, how it would meet the schools needs and timing was impeccable. Fantastic communication meant that everyone was clear from purchase to installation.

It is great to have a trusted partner who we can go to with ideas for improvement in the knowledge that they are not just ‘box shifters’ or people who are looking to make profit above all else. Working with Elementary Technology has helped to shift our perspective from looking for the cheapest solution to looking for one that gives the best return on our investment.