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A man and woman testing features on an interactive touchscreen.

Whether it's teacher workload, pupil outcomes, school safety, SEND support or site communications, your investment is in the value technology brings when it's used.

'Using' is the chapter that many schools don't fully consider, and as a Trust, it's the part that can get complicated and cumbersome; how to bring different users with different skills, different needs and different aptitudes up to the same high standard.

The good news is that after working with you on effective planning and choosing of your technology, we'll be ready as partners to ensure you succeed.

Three people discussing classroom technology in the experience centre.

Our Academy

The Elementary Technology Academy is designed and delivered by us, tailored to you.

A suite of training and CPD content and services to inspire teachers with technology for learning, and support IT teams in all aspects of effective management.

Live online, self-paced, in your school, at regional events and at our Experience Centre.

A man and woman discussing how to use an interactive touchscreen in the experience centre.

Bespoke Training

Every Trust is unique in its technology fingerprint. Indeed, so is each Academy and every teacher.

Led by our Head of Education & Training, we're here to build a bespoke suite of technology training services for your Trust, and everyone within it.

This could be low touch, occasional check ups, or we could fully integrate what we do into your programme of Trust CPD.

It's up to you.

A woman using the included pen to annotate on Promethean's ActivPanel 9 Premium

EdTech Heroes

Our experience shows that for technology to succeed in a school it needs a special spark, usually a teacher with passion to make things happen.

We'll work with you at Trust level to find these special sparks. We'll then nurture them with extra CPD support so they share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues.

Who will be the first EdTech Hero® in your Trust?

A group of teachers taking part in a Training session


There's a vibrant, buzzing community of people with the passion for EdTech.

We work hard to be a part of this, to amplify it, and to bring people together to share, listen and learn.

We do so by building events in our Experience Centre, hosting other edtech communities, sharing on social media and enabling users to share best practice on our Academy platform.

We'd love you to join us.


Understanding your school and helping you use technology to deliver better education.

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