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More equipment, more quickly with Technology Leasing

Draw a line in the sand and equip all classrooms with the latest technology.

Unless you’ve recently undertaken a whole school upgrade, whether due to age, specification or type of technology, it’s likely that no two classes in your school have the same equipment.  So whether one classroom’s projector lamp needs replacing or only two classrooms have a visualiser, this means your school is providing different standards of teaching in different classrooms. 

That’s not fair on the teachers or the learners.

Buying a lamp here and a whiteboard there to make short term ‘efficiencies’ means you’re impacting on your long-term objective - the achievement of outstanding teaching and learning.

Leasing your technology using a public-sector approved lease agreement offers a fairer, more efficient alternative... basically means for a similar annual cost you can equip more classrooms with the latest technology. 

How does it work?

If you haven't already done so, we recommend you watch the movie above which explains the details. 

In summary though - a school with nine classrooms may purchase three new interactive displays per year, for three years. This will usually fit with budgets allocated in an ICT Development Plan.

However - the cost to purchase one screen can be similar to rental of three screens. This means for a similar annual cost to purchasing three touchscreens, you can equip nine classrooms with screens on an operating lease scheme. Fairer, and in many ways, more efficient.

Also, this scheme can be used with any high value equipment! See below for a visualisation.

At the end of the lease term you can either: 

  • Commence a new agreement and receive new equipment using the latest technology
  • Continue the lease agreement with the same equipment
  • Return the equipment

View a case study from Hillmead Primary school who used the scheme on their whole school classroom display upgrade.

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