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Your Multi Academy Trust is a unique, vast jigsaw of complex parts and busy people - all with the same aim to improve the lives of our young people.

Technology has an essential role to play - for school management, teaching, learning, safeguarding and supporting your communities.

It's essential the right plans are in place. We're here to help.

A man demonstrating the SMART interactive touchscreen's ability to share it's screen with other devices.

Classroom Healthcheck®

We'll paint a detailed picture of where your Trust is now with technology - at Trust, academy and classroom level.

Data, evidence, notes and photography of each and every space.

We'll share your data with you via our Classroom Healthcheck® web portal, and help you use this as the groundwork to build a plan.

The Elementary Technology Experience Centre specific logo displayed on the wall as you walk in.


It's now incumbent on Trusts to support their academies with carbon and energy use reduction plans, biodiversity, air quality, resilience and more.

Technology has an essential role to play here.

As part of our Planning phase, and throughout our relationship, we'll understand your sustainability objectives. Then, with planned review meetings, we'll help you achieve them.

Elementary Technology's Experience Centre. A place where classroom technology is demonstrated to schools.

Social Value and 'giving back'

As we've grown as a business, corporate social responsibility is now baked in to how we work - we share this commitment with our Trust customers.

Subject to a supply agreement, we'll pass back a percentage of your spend as a social value rebate - to dedicate to your communities, upholding your values, addressing digital divides or whatever fits with the missions of your Trust.


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