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Elementary Technology provided a crucial role in supporting The Broxbourne School to plan, manage and install new ViewSonic technology into their large, new build state of the art secondary school. Watch the success story below.

Teaching and leadership staff at The Broxbourne School understood that technology plays a central role in students lives and is instrumental to their development. With building work for a new school underway, they felt that it was the perfect time to upgrade and install new technology, which would help to revolutionise teaching and learning. We helped them reach their goals by supporting, advising and implementing:

  • 75 x ViewSonic interactive touchscreens
  • 4 x Phillips 4K professional displays
  • Planning, implementation, and project-managed installation
  • Technology training and lifetime support

We continue to work with The Broxbourne School supporting with training, and ensuring the school and it’s pupils continue to reap the benefits of the new technology. Find out how we can do the same with your school. Give our team a call on 0113 818 7930 or by email at

Date: 20th January 2022


Understanding your school and helping you use technology to deliver better education.