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A school lockdown alert system is a network of linked devices designed to alert your school to a threat that could impact people in the school or roaming within the grounds. This is a necessary tool as we hear increasingly more about dangers to schools and increases in violent crime. So there needs to be a robust procedure for dealing with these issues.

Your fire alarm isn’t going to cut it. Children spend years of their education learning that the fire alarm always means leave the classroom, file into the hallways and then into a field outside. This could be a disaster depending on the situation. An intruder would know where to go or it could cause panic when staff and students aren’t on the same page.

So, an alternative method needs to be used. It must be quick, obvious, and clear to avoid delays and miscommunication. This is partly what has pushed the DfE to introduce their recent recommendations on school lockdown systems. A lockdown alarm must be different and discernible from the fire alarm. So that when an issue does arise, everyone can react in the correct way.

What could trigger a lockdown?

Lockdowns are triggered when there is a threat to either the staff or pupils within the school. You may feel that this isn’t necessary for your school. Nothing has ever happened in your area but there is always the possibility of something occurring. There are cases across the UK of students attacking each other and staff, dangerous animals escaping or police investigation of persons near to the school.

Keeping Your Community Safe

Keeping students in the school grounds makes sure that they are both out of harm’s way and out the way of police until a situation is resolved and parents can safely collect their children. It’s safer to trigger a lockdown than to not. But when uncertain on the severity of a situation, its a good idea to enter an invacuation.

Robust Policies Make A Safe School

The lockdown alarm on its own may not prevent these situations from happening in much the same way that a fire alarm won’t put out a fire. But coupled with a robust lockdown policy and training, it will drastically reduce the chances that further harm comes to the school and its occupants. Instead alerting everyone to the issue and pushing them towards the correct course of action.

How does it work?

Its a really simple system, The LOCAS array is fully capable of wirelessly connecting to sixty-four different terminals from 1km away each. This will cover your entire campus or building easily with clear announcements that the population will take to understand that the school is safe/unsafe. This alert system is instant, clear, easy to edit and uniquely recognisable.

When a threat is detected, the LOCAS system can be triggered by any of its terminals which will be placed in strategic locations by our dedicated team of installers. Or you can cause an alarm to be triggered remotely through the desktop app. Its this same app that allows you to manage the way in which the alarms are linked to one another as well as what sounds play. Giving you full control over the situation and keeping the school up to date. These sounds include voice warnings, confirmation that the situation is over and various alarm noises.

If you're still uncertain on the capabilities of LOCAS and would like to learn more. We are more than happy to give a deeper look into its capabilities. Online or in person both at our Experience Centre Or in your school. Book here for a demonstration.

A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off


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