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Making Schools Safer with a School Lockdown Alert System

Tapton School Academy Trust is a family of five primary and four secondary academies across Sheffield with almost 6000 pupils from the ages of 2 to 18.

Their goal is to provide a high-quality education and experience to all pupils along with providing positive staff well-being and morale.

Following a tragic incident within the local area, the trust felt it was time to take action and introduce measures to safeguard staff, pupils, and their families whilst onsite.

Introducing LOCAS to Tapton

As a leading provider of AV solutions and EdTech, we were approached by the trust to find a lockdown solution for all of their schools. Tapton knew they wanted something that would offer an effective and efficient alert to the whole community, giving valuable time to put lockdown policies into action, saving the lives of at-risk pupils and staff.

The solution needed to be one that could be utilised both indoors and outdoors, covering the entirety of each academy. It needed to involve no disruption to the day-to-day activities of the Trust and without altering the infrastructure and fabric of school buildings.

Working around Tapton's needs

At Elementary Technology the priority is always to provide a solution that aligns with the customers' needs. After reviewing the schools floorplans and circumstances, the LOCAS system, manufactured by Luminite Electronics, was chosen as the perfect solution for Tapton.

As the only wireless school lockdown alert system, our dedicated installation team were able to install the system across each site with little to no disruption. The wireless nature of the system meant that each unit can be installed quickly and without interrupting lessons. Once they're wall-mounted and the battery is installed, it’s onto the next unit.

LOCAS: The Only Solution

The LOCAS wireless call points and sounder/beacons form a wireless network between units on the same site. With both indoor and outdoor units, the LOCAS system is strategically placed to ensure maximum coverage, with no area at a site being unable to hear a lockdown alert.

Often with the installation of wired school-wide systems, areas would need to be closed off for installers to do the required work such as installing lengths of cable which will lead to delays in the schools schedule.

This was not the case for Tapton School Academy Trust.

Through the combined use of floor plans and site surveys, care was taken during the planning process to ensure the system was scaled appropriately. By considering the connection ranges live in the environment, we could accurately specify the equipment required for the Trust’s needs.

Over 200 LOCAS devices were required across the seven schools, with each school adding an access into their system to allow for remote monitoring and alerts.

Get in touch with us for information on how to set up your own Lockdown Alert System and secure your school.

Lewis Askin, Trust IT Director
“Through our work with Elementary Technology we believe we have procured a system that fully meets our needs. It is simple to use and gives us the confidence that, if we were ever in the situation where we needed to trigger a lockdown, our school community is safeguarded.
Elementary Technology took time to consider our exact requirements and, through their knowledge and expertise, ensured their solution would provide what we needed. They paid special attention to any potential pinch-points and that informed the final solution.”
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