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Elementary technology icon (cut off)A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off

Promethean’s aim for classrooms is to provide a “space where you can shine”, “With tools that capture attention, spark ideas, and inspire learning.”

Promethean have been doing this since their debut in 1996 with presentation and meetings software. Since then, Promethean have been a force for improving the world of education, most recently with the ActivPanel 9 displays which pairs with the ‘Everything Explained’ software. We are proud to be a long time Platinum Partner of Promethean in the UK.

Promethean’s library furthers this drive for ease of use and is designed to alleviate the efforts that go into creating engaging lessons with over 50,000 resources for foundation ages to secondary school. Resources that the teacher can edit for their own needs and take inspiration from to put together a truly engaging and attention-grabbing lesson. This also integrates with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams for smoother use in schools on the cloud.

ActivPanel 9 Premium: The Premium Standard

The ActivPanel 9 Premium offers an improvement over the standard model. It offers improvements on RAM and memory, allowing you to run more apps at once, includes a mic array and stronger speakers for a better audio and recording experience.

This option also comes with ActivSync, a software that allows you to seamlessly transfer files from your PC to the classroom display, there's no need for DIY methods to get your resources onto the big screen.

ActivPanel 9: Learning Transformed

Designed to make features like screen share and recording easy to use. The ActivPanel 9 knows what a teacher needs. Time spent navigating through menus and apps or remembering how to perform a task is time lost teaching. A fact that Promethean understands.

These screens are made with many quality of life features built around every classroom environment. Whether that’s EYFS where excitable children will want to play with the tools, courtesy of the 20 touch points, or the 39+ different points of connection for screensharing with students.

Going Green

Promethean doesn't just aim for a better teaching environment, but for a better environment overall. Their dedication towards net-zero carbon goals can be seen in how they have altered the production and use of their interactive touchscreens. This helps in reducing the impact on our planet, but also in reducing your carbon footprint when using Promethean products.

  • Device management software that allows IT managers to set power down times on a fleet of panels from a central location
  • Recycling campaigns and take-back programs, completely reducing electronic waste and lowering the amount of resources needed for new panels.
  • Responsible mineral sourcing reduces conflict in mining and unfair treatment of laborers/mining practises.
  • The ActivPanel series has been rated as Energy Star efficient, promising to reduce your power bill and carbon footprint as a school.

Their dedication to improving the schools ability to teach in an engaging and interactive way is a noble one that we are happy to support in any way we can.

If you’d like to see more, check out our insights on Promethean’s tech or our tutorial videos on how to best use your classroom display or contact us today.

A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off


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