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Elementary technology icon (cut off)A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off

SMART have always been a player in interactive classroom technology. You may remember using their products in the past, with their first display releasing in 1999. The rise of interactive displays in schools then resulted in 24% of all classrooms in Britain containing an interactive whiteboard in 2004, it was during this time that SMART made a name for itself. We are proud to be long time Platinum Partners of SMART as one of their top UK resellers.

Their modern tech far outstrips what you used back then with new and innovative software like Lumio to elevate it even further.

Lumio is SMART’s cloud-based lesson delivery software. Made to allow you and your colleagues to create, save and share lesson resources that make use of the display's interactive features. This is amazing for the modern landscape of education which involves a blend of in school and at home learning.

RX Series: In a league of its own

Fitted with an extra sensitive touchscreen, 40 touch points and the ability to tell the difference between each pen, it’s a great board for a classroom of pupils wanting to interact with your Lumio resources. This board is the peak of SMART hardware paired together with the entirety of their software library. Your class is free to express their creativity without limits.

MX Series: The Game Changer

An improvement on the GX's strengths with more of SMART's excellent hardware. Offering value and capability for every user. This board introduces the NFC card sign in and options to personalise your profile. Streamlining the process of getting into the teaching and wasting no time.

GX Series: All the essentials

The GX offers interactivity you can trust at a price you'll love. It comes with core features like SMART Ink and screen sharing with the quality you can expect from SMART. Focusing on the quality of core features, SMART can offer a board that's great for all budgets.

SMART Values

Ease of use is a core tenant of SMART. They've spent decades working with educators to streamline tasks that previously caused delays when teaching. Logging in is now as quick as swiping an NFC card, recognising the difference between pens and fingers (no more confusion with accidental drawing or erasing) and free annotation in apps and web browsers.

Another core aspect of SMART is their longevity promise. Moving away from the old lightbulb projector and towards a robust, backlit board makes your tech last way longer. No more dimming and having to close the curtains or replace the bulb. No more out of date software not receiving updates and no more risk of damage with a flexi-glass screen.

Greener EdTech

SMART doesn't just aim to improve the environment in your school, but also the environment at large. Sustainability is a core value of theirs and ours. It's a part of the decision making process for the entire life of their products. SMART interactive displays are optimised to save energy and as a result, money from your power bills. If you'd like to read more about the various ways that SMART is reducing their E-waste and carbon footprint, click here.

To learn more about SMART boards and how to best utilise them. Why not check out our insights for more details or the Elementary Technology Academy for tutorials on engaging your school with EdTech.

A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off


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