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Elementary technology icon (cut off)A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off
Elementary technology icon (cut off)A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off

ViewSonic is a global leader in display technology. Interactive displays, monitors, projectors, software and more. Founded in 1987, they saw success with monitors in the American market and has since then moved into the education sector, developing their own Interactive displays. Their history in so many fields of technology allows them to meet your EdTech needs in the modern school.

These displays are ready for anything. Coming in a variety of sizes depending on your needs with the most common range being between 65”, 75” and 86”, making sure that even from the back of the class, your lesson is clear and visible. But their display aren't just limited to the classroom. With displays going as large as 105" or 110", they make the perfect solution for a Microsoft Teams Room, conference space or even your school hall.

Tying their hardware together is a library of useful software and tools. The myViewBoard suite includes apps for learning, lesson creation, collaborative learning tools and remote device management. The engagement this brings in a classroom and the efficiencies it brings to IT teams are huge.  

EdTech innovation has never stopped. We're looking forward to sharing new solutions such as Class Swift shortly that will help elevate your classroom experience further.

52 Series: The best in class

This is the peak performance of interactive panel technology. Pulling together an ultra-responsive 4K touchscreen that delivers an intuitive experience.

Recognising fingers vs palms vs pens. Preventing issues with erratic touches along with a powerful mic and speaker array. perfect for remote learning and lesson recordings.

33 Series: Enriched learning with multitasking capabilities

The 33 Series has powerful features like the interactive split-screen that lets you compare/contrast and annotate separate resources as well as a crystal-clear speaker array that's perfect for reaching every corner of a rowdy class.

This display also has tonnes of QoL features like central management systems, wireless connection and a powerful microphone that let you avoid having to set them up yourself.

G1 Series: Built to last

The G1 interactive board is a simple and easy to use solution for engaging pupils ion the classroom.

This device prides itself on the various touchscreen and collaboration features available for you to involve pupils in the lesson. It has a 4K antiglare screen that's easy to use from both the front and back of the classroom.

Innovative & Sustainable EdTech

  • Our partner encourages sustainability in EdTech and is part of large scale green schemes including:
  • The Recycle+ program, making efforts to recycle electronic waste into new products.
  • Responsible mineral sourcing, ensuring that they don't benefit from or encourage unethical mining practices.
  • Environmental responsibility, they have diverted 12,838,448 pounds of waste from landfills since 2000.
  • Energy saving, all products are built with energy saving in mind. Reduced consumption means a smaller carbon footprint.

ViewSonic is also well positioned to enable gamification in education. Their background in hardware for computer gaming has given them a perspective on how to use games in lessons and boost engagement for students. The most innovative way they manage this is through ViewSonic universe. This article explains how they hope to use the platform to make lessons more accessible and increase engagement from students who may struggle with attention and communication.

If you’d like to learn more about Interactive displays and how to use them for maximum engagement in the classroom, consider checking out our other resources, signing up for our Academy or get in touch!

A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off


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