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Understanding and management of the technology estate across over 120 schools is an enormous challenge, yet the upsides are also vast.

Consistency and standardisation for IT teams helps, as does sharing resources and best practice for teaching and learning. Training at scale becomes more efficient and effective, and longer term costs, warranty management and replacement cycles become easier to plan and budget for.

It's for these reasons, as well as due to how procurement and education management works in Wales, that Cardiff local authority take the lead on behalf of their schools for all things IT.

Doing so means they've made sure all schools have the minimum high standard of IT provision that they need, starting with connectivity and WiFi, moving into teacher devices, pupil devices and also interactive technology for teaching and learning.

Elementary Technology won a competitive tender to supply all schools throughout the local authority with front-of-class AV - hardware, software and training and CPD. A key part of our submission was our ability to influence the vendor to translate their core software into the Welsh language, in support of Cymraeg 2050.

We supply the technology via Crown Commercial Service framework, and will continue to do so throughout the five year agreement.

Below describes how we're taking the local authority, and all its schools, on a journey of transformation for teaching and learning - upgrading all front-of-class whiteboards from legacy, to brand new. A planned process in close partnership with local authority digital and procurement departments.

Planning - mapping EdTech across 120+ sites

We visited, audited and photographed all classrooms as part of our Classroom Healthcheck® service, in all schools throughout the LA. Where are they now with their AV technology?

This enabled evidence-informed decision making, rather than ad-hoc, reactive procurement based on limited information - budgets, plans, priorities and time-scales.

Choosing - scaling and standardising across all schools

It became clear that by far the largest proportion of teachers were using SMART hardware, supported by a basic understanding of SMART software.

This global leading brand was chosen as the platform of choice for the LA, implemented by us at a SMART Platinum Partner.

Buying - where transformation begins

Compliant procurement via Crown Commercial Service, with project-planned installation across all sites over several years. We're also supporting several new-build sites.

As supplier, we worked in close partnership with the LA, whilst also on supporting day-to-day management and planning with individual schools.

Using - training, CPD, and making the magic happen

After setup and implementation of hardware and software, all staff at each school are invited to our Get Set Go® session.

We're now delivering hybrid training and CPD throughout all schools, bringing thousands of staff up to a high minimum standard - self-paced content, live online webinars and regular cluster workshops in schools.

At Elementary Technology, we always work hard to demonstrate the impact of what we do; the return on the investment for the school, and the benefits the project has brought to teachers, pupils, IT teams and others involved.

This short video, which we recorded in the Welsh language with English subtitles, tells the story of Nant Caerau Primary School (Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Caerau)

Furthermore, it's essential our support and services is fit for purpose throughout all types of school.

This video showcases our work with St Illtyds Catholic High School in Cardiff, as explained by one of their SLT.

A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off


Understanding your school and helping you use technology to deliver better education.