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Elementary Technology is proud to be supporting this Department for Education funded transformation project at Keelham Primary School in Bradford.

We've been asked to play a central role in establishing links between effective use of technology, environmental and financial resilience, staff wellbeing and educational outcomes. We're seeing real impact already! And we can't wait for more.

As well as our vast experience enabling school improvement with technology, a key reason we were successful in winning this competitive tender is explained by Robert Hunter, the school headteacher;

"It was really important to us that our supplier understands who we are as a school. We're unique in so many ways and have a really strong vision for what we want for our teachers, young people and also our local rural community. I initially met with Ed Fairfield at Elementary Technology, he gave us loads of ideas and advice and most importantly, he took the time to listen. He gets Keelham! And it quickly became clear the whole team there do too."

Due to funding allowances as part of this Department for Education project, the school have been able to upgrade a range of different spaces throughout their school, notably;

For Teaching and Learning in each classroom

  • 75" SMART Board MX Series on a height adjustable stand
  • A wireless visualiser for live marking, sharing best practice, peer assessment and more
  • Lumio software for pupil collaboration, game-based learning, reducing printing costs and teacher workload
  • Voice reinforcement technology for inclusion, teacher wellbeing and behaviour management
  • A low-energy VeryPC desktop PC and a Microsoft Surface Pro teacher laptop
  • Pupil iPad devices for self-paced learning, creative work and lots more, including Loxit charging trolleys

EYFS and non-teaching spaces

  • An intervention room containing a 75" SMART Board 6000S
  • An EYFS interactive table, including game-based learning software mapped to the early years curriculum
  • A low technology library space, using just a visualiser and a screen to show large visuals of books being read by the teacher

Site and Infrastructure Technology

  • Infrastructure to understand and manage air quality in high-traffic spaces
  • Digital signage technology and content platform in reception
  • Sign-in and safeguarding - InVentry with integrated Paxton door entry
  • The Elementary Technology LOCAS - safeguarding technology for school invacuation
  • CCTV for site security

During Spring Term we are working on:

  • A transformative school hall AV solution
  • A Collaboration Zone for pupils to create, collaborate, innovate and share
  • An interactive outdoor learning and collaboration space

Below describes how we're taking Keelham Primary School on a journey of transformation - working in close partnership with their whole team, not just their decision maker or SLT.

Planning - taking the time to understand

Before making any decisions, we conducted our Classroom Healthcheck to understand where they are now with their hardware, software and teacher and pupil experience.

We then worked together to define a clear vision and set of objectives - within a realistic time frame and a 3 year budget.

Choosing - how do I best achieve my objectives?

During a busy workshop at our Experience Centre for SLT and a teacher who'd be using the technology, we worked hard to make sure the school made fully-informed choices.

Which combination of which products and services would bring best value for the all stakeholders at the school?

Buying - where transformation begins

Fully project-managed installation during half term, with on-site support and consultation prior to commencement of works.

And a surprise for the teachers! They returned to school after INSET and their classrooms were transformed!

Using - training and CPD, and where the magic happens

We held a full-day adoption workshop for all staff at our Experience Centre, then provided our Academy Red Carpet service the following day.

A full day of hands-on support in every classroom from our Head of Education & Training; coaching, tips, best practice and planning next steps on CPD over our 3-year agreement.

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Date: 4th March 2024


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