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Visualisers are a cost-effective, sustainable piece of technology to support teachers with their day-to-day teaching and lesson delivery. If you’re not familiar with one, a visualiser in its most basic form can be used to display images, text, and objects in large scale via your classroom display.

So, how can these basic functions be improved and used to enhance lesson delivery? Let’s take a look…

Using your visualiser for peer assessment

Peer assessment is a key area for development, which many pupils have missed out on during the pandemic due to school closures and remote learning. By its nature, a visualiser is an easy way to introduce peer assessment back into the classroom learning environment. An easy way to do this is by showing a pupils work on screen using your visualiser. This allows other pupils to be able to comment on positives and negatives, helping build their teamwork, critiquing and communication skills all whilst supporting peer to peer assessment.

Using your visualiser to record lesson segments and support digital learning records

How good would it be if you could record your lesson segments? Well with a visualiser, you can. Using your visualiser, you can record your live lesson whilst it’s being delivered. This can then be shared with pupils to support them with their homework, if they’re needing to learn remotely or it can simply be replayed whilst in the classroom, giving pupils an example to watch on screen whilst you can go round the class and support pupils who might need a little bit of additional support.

These recordings can also be added to a pupil’s digital learning record to support their development and achievements, saving you time as a teacher, and providing real time examples of the work done in class.

Using your visualiser to show examples

It’s good practice to provide your pupils with an example of what a good one looks like (WAGOLL). A visualiser is the perfect tool to support you in doing this. Whether it’s a piece of artwork which has used the correct brush strokes, or a piece of creative writing, your visualiser allows you to show these as a best practice example live on your classroom display, without the need for students to gather round a small desk, making it more inclusive for everyone.

Using your visualiser to share content with other teachers

Like with any piece of EdTech, one of the key objectives for teachers is that the technology will help reduce their workload. You’ve already learnt that you can use your visualiser to record lesson segments, but why should that be limited to supporting students? Well, it doesn’t need to be. If you class share with another teacher, or know another teacher delivering the same lesson content, why not share your lessons with one another. Not only will this promote inclusive learning, providing students with the same lesson content but it will also help to save your colleague’s time.

Using your visualiser for front end feedback

Front end feedback is a crucial element of learning retention. A visualiser is a great way to implement front end feedback into your lesson without having to build extra elements into your lesson plan. To find out more about using your visualiser for front end feedback, read our blog here.

So, there you have it. Five simple and easy ways to enhance your lesson delivery with your visualiser. Elementary Technology have their very own visualiser specialist, Sam Wilkinson, so if you’d like to know more about any of the points covered in this blog or would like any further information then contact us now, we’re here to help!

Date: 3rd December 2021

A white elementary technology icon that's been cut off


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