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The introduction of interactive classroom displays as the main teaching tool in the classroom has given IT teams around the country another device they have to manage. However, the majority of leading manufacturers now offer a remote management solution - enabling the efficient management of settings, security and app deployment, as well as allowing for them to be used as a communication device.

IT managers are responsible for making sure that all devices in the school are updated, powered down in off-hours, and maintained for performance. They also need to address any software issues, account problems, and security concerns quickly. The volume of devices in a modern school, from computers to interactive touchscreens, can make this both time-consuming and inefficient.

To streamline management, interactive touchscreens with built-in network capabilities are being developed. These displays can connect to a central management system, allowing IT managers to control them from the comfort of their desks or wherever else. One of the significant advantages of these network-enabled touchscreens is the ability to set shut-off times. This feature helps schools and Multi-Academy Trusts save energy and reduces maintenance requirements by ensuring that devices are not left powered on unnecessarily.

Remote Software Updates and Troubleshooting

The days of physically coming to site to visit each device are coming to an end. With remote management, IT managers can update software and apps on interactive touchscreens without leaving their desks. This not only saves time but also minimises disruptions to classroom activities. Remote management also allows IT managers to troubleshoot issues for teachers without the need for on-site visits. In a lot of cases, problems can be solved remotely, further reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

A Comprehensive Solution

SMART Technologies offers a comprehensive remote management solution for schools. IT managers can link these devices to a central system and designate one or multiple administrators who can log in from anywhere.

This system is part of SMART Technologies’ commitment to providing “Unmatched value for your IT team.” By reducing the need for on-site visits for quick for straightforward issues, it allows IT managers to focus on more complex tasks and strategic planning.

Promethean:  Management Solved

Promethean, another leading provider of interactive learning solutions, offers a similar remote management system for their devices. Like SMART Technologies, Promethean’s system allows IT managers to monitor and troubleshoot interactive touchscreens remotely, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.

Managing interactive touchscreens and other devices remotely is essential for modern schools to operate efficiently and securely. With network-enabled touchscreens and comprehensive remote management solutions from companies like SMART Technologies and Promethean, IT managers can streamline their workflow, reduce maintenance requirements, and provide better support to teachers and students.

ViewSonic: Wireless Maintenance

ViewSonic's management software isn't just for making sure your schools displays are working as intended, but they also include a suite of tools that allow you to interact with them live when necessary. You can broadcast messages, images and other forms of media onto any connected device from a central manager. This is great not only for delivering important messages to classes but also for digital signage throughout your school. ViewSonic's ability to schedule tasks allows you to pick a time to automatically display media ahead of time. It's this same features where you control power up and down times.

By embracing remote management technologies, schools can ensure that their educational technology infrastructure remains up-to-date, secure, and optimised for learning, without placing undue burden on IT staff.

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