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Elementary Technology prepare and present this Safer Recruitment Policy to act as strict minimum requirements when recruiting new staff members, and making significant changes to roles and responsibilities to current employees.

This helps ensure we attract the best possible applicants to vacancies. Furthermore, we identify areas which may preclude employment early in the recruitment process and reject accordingly. This ensures the safeguarding our suppliers, partners and customers where employees have direct relationships.

These guidelines are outlined in the Elementary Technology Employee Handbook.

Identification of Recruitment Partners

We have close partnerships with a network of reliable recruiters, which we work with according to the nature of role being recruited for; examples include installation engineers, technology consultants, customer service and marketing.

We ensure full agreement and adherence with this Policy prior to commencement of a relationship, and also seek to ensure recruiters undertake their own Safer Recruitment Procedures.

Applicant Shortlisting

We maximise commitment to pre-employment checks to ensure suitability, and so minimise the need to manage issues on an ongoing basis during employment. We do so in cooperation with our recruitment partners.

Employment Checks

Prior to formal job offer, the shortlisted candidate is required to:

  • provide proof of identity
  • complete a DBS application and receive satisfactory clearance
  • have a satisfactory certificate of good conduct relating to time spent living outside of the UK, where applicable
  • where applicable, such as for an installation engineer, to provide actual certificates of professional qualifications
  • provide proof of their right to work in the United Kingdom
Applicant References

We always require two professional reference from different organisations, prior to offer. We contact them directly by telephone and request a written record.

Central Employee Record

All information, certifications, documentation and data about each staff member is securely stored on our cloud-based server.

Each is managed, maintained and kept up to date by their direct line manager and/or the colleague responsible for HR as appropriate. Notifications, such as an expiry of a DBS Certificates, are delivered to ensure records are up to date.

DBS Certificates

A central part of our Safer Recruitment Policy is securing of DBS certificates for those colleagues who work with schools on ad hoc basis. Advanced DBS checks are secured for those who support and visit schools as a core part of their role.

DBS Certificate Numbers for any of our colleagues you work with are available on request.

These are verified and copies stored on the Central Employment Record.

Induction and Employee Review

Each colleague is handed an Employee Handbook and they are asked to sign it to say that it has been received, understood and will be adhered to. Within this handbook is a copy of this Safer Recruitment Policy.

Adherence to Safer Recruitment Policy is verified at each employee’s annual review.

Perfect Visit Training

Colleagues presenting themselves and working directly in person at customer premises undertake Perfect Visit Training as part of their induction. This covers basic procedures such as being courteous and personal presentation and more recently includes adherence to a process of being Covid Safe.

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Last updated: 20th November 2020